water_input 3.0.1 © 2005-2016 Turku PET Centre

Blood pump (ABSS) data preprocessing for [O-15]water PET study. Resulting blood TAC is calibrated and corrected for physical decay and optionally for time delay, if countrate file is given. http://www.turkupetcentre.net/petanalysis/model_radiowater.html If ABSS collection or PET scan was not started at the same time, you must correct the time difference manually to the blood TAC made by this script. Use program tactime for the correction. Verify the result by looking the created *.svg or *.png plot. Usage: water_input [options] ABSSfile Outputfile Options: -CR:countratefile Filename for countrate data; if not given, then delay correction is not done; some perfusion calculation software can do delay correction later. -DISP:dispersion Physiological dispersion constant can be set using this option; By default it is set to 5.0 s. -FIT:YES or -FIT:NO Dispersion can be corrected by simultaneously fitting a function to the blood TAC (yes), or without fitting (no, default). -h or --help Print this text and exit. -v or --version Print script version and exit. Example: water_input -cr:us755fat.dft us755_blo.lis us755blood.dat See also: imghead, tacmean, imgflow, imgbfh2o, fit_h2o, tacunit Keywords: perfuson blood, input, ABSS, radiowater
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