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Estimation of influx rate constant (Ki) from dynamic PET images in ECAT 6.3 or 7.x format applying Lawson-Hanson non-negative least squares (NNLS) [1] to solve general linear least squares functions. Ki is estimated directly without division [2] from one- or two-tissue compartment model. Parameters: 1) Plasma file (times in minutes!) 2) Dynamic image file 3) Parametric image file e.g.: imglhki ua2918ap.kbq ua2918dy1.v ua2918ki.v Options for model selection: -A Automatic selection of model for separate pixels -1 Force one-tissue compartment model for all pixels -2 Force two-tissue compartment model for all pixels -0 Akaike weighted average of 1- and 2-tissue compartment model results [3] (default) -M Selected model is written as second 'frame' in the parametric image. Other command line options: -T=<threshold%> Pixels with AUC less than (threshold/100 x plasma AUC) are set to zero. default is 0% -E=<Fit end time (min)> Use data from 0 to end time; by default, model is fitted to all frames. -h or --help Print this message and exit --version or --build Print software build information and exit --silent Program works silently, printing only error and warning messages. --verbose Program prints more information about what it is doing. The unit of pixel values in the parametric image is ml/(min*ml). References: 1. Lawson CL & Hanson RJ. Solving least squares problems. Prentice-Hall, 1974. 2. Zhou Y, Brasic J, Endres CJ, Kuwabara H, Kimes A, Contoreggi C, Maini A, Ernst M, Wong DF. Binding potential image based statistical mapping for detection of dopamine release by [11C]raclopride dynamic PET. NeuroImage 2002;16:S91. 3. Turkheimer FE, Hinz R, Cunningham VJ. On the undecidability among kinetic models: from model selection to model averaging. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 2003; 23: 490-498. See also: imgki, ecat2tif, lhsolki, patlak Keywords: image, modelling, influx rate, NNLS This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GNU General Public License.

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