TLC and HPLC in determining metabolite fractions

Separate plasma samples are collected for metabolite analysis during the PET study. Plasma proteins are precipitated or filtered to prevent clogging in the next phases. In case of small animal studies where plasma sample volumes are only few microlitres, microextraction solid-phase techniques can be used (Moein et al., 2020). A small volume of each plasma sample is applicated onto TLC disk or injected into the HPLC column. From the resulting chromatograms, the relative fractions of unchanged tracer and labelled metabolite(s) are calculated.

TLC example
Fig 1.Thin layer chromatography. © Anne Roivainen.

HPLC example
Fig 2. HPLC chromatogram. © Anne Roivainen.

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Updated at: 2022-11-23
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Written by: Vesa Oikonen, Richard Aarnio, Pauliina Virsu, Anne Roivainen